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Ways You Can Participate

Here are some of the ways you can participate...

Make a Financial Donation

Three ways you can make an immediate donation (pledges are discussed below under "Warrior Pledge"):

  1. Donate online 100% securely via PayPal by clicking here

  2. You can mail donations to:
    First American Bank
    Attention: Beller Family Foundation Donations
    P.O.Box 6259
    Norman, OK 73070
    (Make checks payable to Beller Family Foundation)

  3. Call Donnie Beller (405-550-0082) if you would like to arrange to donate by another method. 

Volunteer to Help a Financial Donation

  • Volunteer for skilled or general labor - click here to see the volunteer page

Donate Materials or Supplies

Warrior Pledge

The Warrior Pledge is a commitment to give a certain amount over the next 18 months (ends Sept 1, 2013). You can give to the project by whatever schedule or amount you choose (example: $30/month or $10/week or one time $500). You can pledge publicly or “anonymously”. Pledges are not contractually binding. We are counting on your pledge and want folks to be committed but not feel like they are legally obligated. 

  • You Decide Pledges - Examples: $50/month for 18 months = $900.00 or $10/week for 18 months = $780.00;  whatever you decide, it's up to you.

  • 1000/1000 Challenge: $56/month for 18 months is approx. $1000 - part of our fundraising goal is to encourage 1000 people to give a total of $1000.00 over the 18 month time frame which is $56.00/month and would raise $1,000,000 for the project.

Here are the two basic steps for the Warrior Pledge (1 - sign up; 2 - make payment(s) towards your pledge):

  1. Click here to sign up for the Warrior Pledge (do this one time; your pledge will appear below)

  2. Make payment/donation(s) by one of these two methods (return to this page every time you want to make a payment towards your pledge):

    • Click here to make a pledge payment online, OR...

    • Click here to print a donation card and mail a payment, OR...

    • Click here to download the form to have First American Bank automatically withdraw your pledge based on whatever amount and frequency you choose. This can be cancelled any time by contacting the bank.

Date Created
Full Name
10/25/2015$4,000.00Paul & Holley McKay(complete)
2/1/2015$1,000.00Billy, Phillip & Lisa(complete)
1/5/2015$50.00Brian & Krista Snow(complete)
12/31/2014$5,000.00Andrews Family Charitable Contributions(complete)
12/16/2014$3,022.83Washington Cheer (Mr & Mrs Washington)(complete)
11/8/2014$2,000.00ICS, Inc(complete)
11/8/2014$50.00Brian and Krista Snow(complete)
10/17/2014$1.00Washington Public SchoolsYearly
9/22/2014$100.00Leonard & Billie Keith(complete)
9/22/2014$250.00Kirby-Smith Machinery(complete)
9/9/2014$1,225.00J&C Lindsey(complete)
9/9/2014$4,894.00Warrior "Rival" Poker RunComplete
8/12/2014$1,000.00TJ's Painting, Inc(complete)
8/12/2014$1,349.36J&R Windows & Glass, Inc.(complete)
7/12/2014$250.00Rebun Chavez(complete)
6/11/2014$4,894.43J&R Windows & Glass, Inc(complete)
3/10/2014$1,000.00Robert & Kelly Andrews(complete)
2/15/2014$52.02Class of 1987 - amount left over from monies collect for paver(complete)
2/5/2014$325.00Class of 1990(complete)
1/24/2014$3,607.61WHS Cheer - Mr. & Mrs. Washington Contest(complete)
1/22/2014$10,000.00Andrews Family Charitable Foundation(complete)
12/31/2013$1,000.00Paul Schuman(complete)
12/30/2013$200.00Mardel & Gary Nelson(complete)
12/19/2013$35.00Oklahoma Farmers Union(complete)
12/19/2013$1,500.00Bob Sharp(complete)
12/17/2013$500.00Robert Zemke(complete)
12/10/2013$315.00Cookie Auction - Susan Tarp, Performance HVAC, Kelly Andrews, Todd & Mary Webb, Karen Brown.Suchy,Hallmark(complete)
12/6/2013$1,335.45Washington Little League/Zoie Bates - Dippin Dots Sales(complete)
11/18/2013$25.00M J Callen(Complete)
11/18/2013$50.00Donald Burns(complete)
11/18/2013$100.00Larry & Carolyn Beller(Complete) In memory of Robert Beller
11/18/2013$7,693.26Goldsby Store - donation Bucket(complete)
11/16/2013$1,788.00Bluegrass Gospel Music - Fundraiser(complete)
11/14/2013$200.00Loretta Dodson(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
11/14/2013$100.00Hall Estill Attorneys at Law(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
11/14/2013$200.00Louie Jefferies(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
11/14/2013$50.00Dorothy Thomas(complete)
11/14/2013$50.00Betty Woods(complete)
11/1/2013$25,000.00Chickasaw Nation(one time - complete)
10/27/2013$2,400.00Goldsby Store - Sam Marfatia and Brian Patel$200 a month/ 12 months - auto draft (complete)
10/27/2013$50.00Herbert and Merlene Hyde (complete) In Memory of Robert Beller
10/27/2013$50.00Dub and Evelyne Wheeler(complete) In Memory of Robert Beller
10/22/2013$530.00Comfortworks, Inc.(complete)
10/5/2013$100.00Charlie & Gayla McKinley(complete)
10/4/2013$500.00Walter Cheatle(complete)
9/20/2013$12,535.39J&R Windows & Glass, Inc.(complete)
9/20/2013$1,000.00Barry and Betty Prince(complete)
9/20/2013$50.00Purcell Tag Agency - Pat Martin(complete) In Memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$100.00Dean & Nancy York(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$500.00Rite Way Construction - Dale Bebout(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$100.00John & Donna Dodds(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$75.00A&A Tank Truck(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$100.00Buck Irwin(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$50.00Stephanie Zerr(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$500.00David Briner(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$200.00Bob Usry and Sons, Inc.(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/14/2013$50.00Kay Woods(complete) In memory of Robert Beller
9/11/2013$1,008.00Buddy & Linda Hankins$56/mth x 18 mths (complete)
9/5/2013$30.00Lonnie Ray Hyde(complete)
9/2/2013$821.00Washington Warrior Car Tag Sales(complete)
9/2/2013$13,412.02Washington Public Schools (funds donated directly to school) (complete) To be used toward purchase of lockers
8/22/2013$1,050.00American Waterworks(complete)
8/1/2013$1,200.00Jason & Julia Keltner100.00 monthly - Auto Draft (partial complete)
8/1/2013$1,000.00Don Stephens(complete)
7/24/2013$2,000.00Jonathan Wilk(complete)
6/15/2013$1,420.00Building for the Future - T shirt sales(complete)
5/23/2013$150.00Amanda Simmons(complete)
5/23/2013$100.00Motion is Life(complete)
5/3/2013$1,000.00Pat & Victoria West$100 month/ auto draft (partial complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Steve & Lynn Puckett(complete)
5/2/2013$200.00Johnathon Wilk(complete)
5/2/2013$100.00Bill & Cynthia Buchanan(complete)
5/2/2013$200.00Bronson & Amy Hyde(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00W.T & Patsy Merrell(complete)
5/2/2013$80.00Bart & Kathy Keeler(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Cindy Marrero(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Bill or Donna Keller(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Kathy Spencer Thompson(complete)
5/2/2013$30.00Isaac & Kathleen Stover(complete)
5/2/2013$500.00Scott & Shawna Farmer(complete)
5/2/2013$250.00Michael & Sonya Coles(complete)
5/2/2013$40.00Floyd Hyde(complete)
5/2/2013$500.00Christopher & Lisa Lippincott(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Johnny & Lorri Vaughn(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Happy Trails Daycare LLC(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00J.D & K.J Peters(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00James & Jennifer Frizell(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Brad & Jan Curry(complete)
5/2/2013$100.00Gloria Bates(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Dale & Angie Hines(complete)
5/2/2013$100.00Glen Berglan(complete)
5/2/2013$40.00Pamela Burch(complete)
5/2/2013$65.00Derek & Misty Jordan(complete)
5/2/2013$1,000.00Mike & Linda Herrin(complete)
5/2/2013$75.00Brad & Angie Dodson(complete)
5/2/2013$50.00Jeff Busby(complete)
5/2/2013$375.00Rhonda's Roses & More, LLC(complete)
5/2/2013$5,337.00WEE Construction(complete)
5/2/2013$175.00Alan & Kristi Kilcrease(complete)
4/28/2013$12.00David Brisco(complete)
4/28/2013$50.00Courtney Green(complete)
4/28/2013$120.00Joseph & Mackenna Andrews(complete)
4/28/2013$4,286.00Beller Benefit Dinner - Cash(complete)
4/28/2013 Beller Benefit Dinner - Checks and Credit CardsChecks & Credit cards listed separately (Total checks and Credit cards $20,108.00)
4/25/2013$5,000.00McDonald Land Services, LLC(complete)
4/24/2013$500.00Randy and Kelly Manning(complete)
4/18/2013$3,000.00Warrior Way 5K(complete)
3/22/2013$1,000.00Warrior Baseball Boosters(complete)
3/22/2013$866.55Goldsby Store - Cutest Cupid Contest / Photos donated by Sherry Sharp(complete)
2/13/2013$22.00Warrior Zone - drink refill donations(complete)
2/2/2013$234.00Goldsby Store - Pizza giveaway(complete)
2/2/2013$1,600.00Chad & Laurie Hicks(complete)
1/4/2013$1,000.00T.J. Green (complete)
1/4/2013$100.00Adam Beller(complete)
1/4/2013$20.00Neali Beller(complete)
12/30/2012$500.00Fred & Pam Greening(complete)
12/29/2012$250.00Okeyha Mothers Club(complete)
12/29/2012$1,458.00Garcia Tire Service, Inc(complete)
12/29/2012$1,006.37WHS Cheer - Mr. & Mrs. Washington Contest(complete)
12/28/2012$52.00Old Town Republic refund on land closing (deposited) (complete)
12/13/2012$200.00Stephanie Canida(complete)
12/11/2012$427.00Delaney Beller & Paige Taylor / Quilt Raffle Sales(complete)
11/29/2012 AnonymousDonating material for building (value..$127,000.00)
11/17/2012$230.00Goldsby Store - Turkey Tickets(complete)
11/17/2012$200.00Lara Singletary(complete)
11/9/2012$50.00David Piekarsky(complete)
11/3/2012$100.00Sherry Hendrix(complete)
11/3/2012$3,415.00Goldsby Store - Ticket Sales for Gas Give Away(complete)
10/17/2012$100,000.00Air Products Supply(complete)
10/8/2012$250.00Bruce & Lynda Bridwell(complete)
10/3/2012$1,000.00Deborah Allison Real Estate, LLC(complete)
9/16/2012$5,000.00Ditch Witch of Oklahoma(complete)
9/11/2012$500.00Tom Sparks(complete)
9/6/2012$815.00Robyne Cox - Pennies for pounds - donation(complete)
8/27/2012$2,000.00Terry Carter(complete)
8/27/2012$10,000.00Nicholas & Lacee Andrews(complete)
8/20/2012$250.00Kelly Webster(complete)
8/20/2012$6,000.00Danny & Beth Nixon(complete)
8/11/2012$1,000.00Jim Standerfer(complete)
8/1/2012$1,000.00Dean and Nancy York100 per month (complete)
7/23/2012$2,230.00Steve & Cindy Scott(complete)
7/23/2012$300.00Bennie Peterson(complete)
7/13/2012$100.00Tim Barton Ins.(complete)
7/12/2012$500.00Charles Nobles(complete)
6/29/2012$100.00Terry & Carol Mullens(complete)
6/29/2012$1,500.00Bob Sharp(complete)
6/15/2012$100.00Paige Taylor(complete)
6/15/2012$711.00Delaney Beller(complete)
5/31/2012$2,500.00L & A Wrecker(complete)
5/30/2012$1,000.00Julie Hyde(complete)
5/29/2012$2,000.00First Baptist Church - WashingtonLove Offering - (complete)
5/24/2012$250.00Therapy in Motion/ Darby McFall(complete)
5/22/2012$250.00Leon Hendrix(complete)
5/21/2012$5,000.00American Augers, Inc(complete)
5/19/2012$156.00Larry, Aimee & McKenzie Brown and Taylor Adkins(complete)
5/16/2012$500.00Reed Downey(complete)
5/15/2012$1,876.00"Raise the Roof Tshirt Sales"(complete)
5/7/2012$1,900.00Jason and Linda Wilkerson200/per month (Complete)
5/6/2012$500.00Matt Beller(complete)
5/6/2012$500.00ConsumerCare Direct ( Alan & Cindy McCalip)(complete)
5/6/2012$75.00Mark Vaughn(complete)
5/6/2012$225.00Mark V Allergens, Inc(complete)
5/6/2012 24/7 Telecom (Scott & Shawna Farmer)Will donate/install all phone, computer, intercom and any other fiber optic lines
5/2/2012$30.00Rebecca Whitehead(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Brian & Jenni Kirtley(complete)
5/2/2012$1,000.00Paul & Stacy Moore(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Dane & Shelley Draper(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Keith & Rosie Hamilton(complete)
5/2/2012$75.00Jeremy & Jennifer LizanaOne Time
5/2/2012$1,000.00Robert & Kelly Andrews(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00John Trammell(complete)
5/2/2012$2,000.00Linda Huggard(complete)
5/2/2012$500.00Lloyd and Ramona Aiken(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Bob & Karla Harris(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Sue Wilson(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Connie Keith(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Kristy Hyde(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Roger & Tianna Elliott(complete)
5/2/2012$300.00Ronnie & Shannan Shipley(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Brad & Toni Gay(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Marti Martin(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Jeff & April Schleff(complete)
5/2/2012$175.00Dale & Tammie Wells(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Shane or Laurie Horinek(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Babs Milster(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Jack & Betty Smith(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Mike & Nancy Johnson(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Bob & Robbie Jenkins(complete)
5/2/2012$75.00Otto Crossland(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Donald & Jamie Treadway(complete)
5/2/2012$80.00Raquel Ball(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Clint & Deaneen Denney(complete)
5/2/2012$300.00Billy P & Yvonne Adkins(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Harmon Steel Constructors(complete)
5/2/2012$250.00Brookhaven Automotive(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Ryan Harmon(complete)
5/2/2012$1,500.00D T Cattle Co.(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Leroy Marcum(complete)
5/2/2012$1,000.00Mainus Granite(complete)
5/2/2012$1,000.00Loretta Dodson(complete)
5/2/2012$2,000.00Charles & Carla Dodson(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Lonnie & Dianna Young(complete)
5/2/2012$300.00John FarquHarson(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Monty Strickland(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Wayne & Frankie Smith(complete)
5/2/2012$75.00Kimberly Wilson(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Richard & Betty Huelster(complete)
5/2/2012$250.00Carl & Vanessa Hendrix(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Kyle & Lacey Wade(complete)
5/2/2012$25.00Tim & Donna Williams(complete)
5/2/2012$75.00Lynda Baker(complete)
5/2/2012$150.00Keith & Donya Johnson(complete)
5/2/2012$250.00Steve & Kelly Johnson(complete)
5/2/2012$150.00Matt & Monica Orr(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00RL Electric (complete)
5/2/2012$175.00Lonnie & Anita Roten(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Jimmy & Rhonda Cannon(complete)
5/2/2012$30.00Lance & Keri Barnes(complete)
5/2/2012$60.00Julia Burgess(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Gilbert Keith & Elisse Tessier(complete)
5/2/2012$750.00Stephens Construction(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Lloyd & JoHanna Hyde(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Patsy Roach(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Joe & Kimberly Hall(complete)
5/2/2012$500.00Pete & Tammy Brown(complete)
5/2/2012$150.00L & L Transport(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Casey & Mariah Schrader(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Matt & Lori Lang(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00John & Kimberly Price(complete)
5/2/2012$100.0017 Land Management, LLC(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Harmon Land & Cattle Co.(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Ronny & Diann Nelson(complete)
5/2/2012$250.00Travis & Amy Hendrix(complete)
5/2/2012$20.00Ernest & Kindra Palacol(complete)
5/2/2012$40.00Roger & Kath Kuhn(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Marvin & Carol Williams(complete)
5/2/2012$1,000.00Greg & Mary Ann Sutterfield(complete)
5/2/2012$75.00Miller-Chilless Farms(complete)
5/2/2012$300.00Wayne & Sue Cargill(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Brandon & Cassie Barefoot(complete)
5/2/2012$25.00Jeff & Shawna Kulbeth(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Coen & Susan Barnes(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Larry & Angel Paulk(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Steve & Debbie Vaughn(complete)
5/2/2012$50.00Steve & Beth Winton(complete)
5/2/2012$1,000.00Diane Portillo(complete)
5/2/2012$30.00Dr. Colt & Ashlie Hazel(complete)
5/2/2012$400.00Duane Wells(complete)
5/2/2012$200.00Stuart & Janet McPherson(complete)
5/2/2012$45.00Steven Sharipo(complete)
5/2/2012$500.00Jeff & Lenore Allison(complete)
5/2/2012$100.00Jeff's Welding(complete)
5/2/2012$40.00Larry & Aimee Brown(complete)
5/2/2012$125.00Richard & Elaine Horton(complete)
5/1/2012$20.00Tyler Beller(complete)
5/1/2012$100.00Vincent Andrews(complete)
5/1/2012$8,409.35Beller Foundation Benefit DinnerCredit Cards and Cash
5/1/2012 Beller Foundation Benefit DinnerChecks listed separately (total checks $22,220.00)
5/1/2012$1,049.90Michael or Kelly Palmer$55.55 monthly Auto Draft (partial complete)
5/1/2012$520.00Dusty Treat$40 a month/ 12mths - Auto Draft (complete)
5/1/2012$1,500.00JD Kinard(complete)
5/1/2012$200.00Dale & Mary Ann Creel, Jeff Creel, John & Stephanie Murray(complete)
4/29/2012 Libby's Cafe - Scott & Libby AdkinsDonated - facility, all sides/drinks and labor for benefit dinner
4/28/2012$1,000.00KBLP Radio(complete)
4/28/2012$100.00Tracy Jones(complete)
4/26/2012$850.00Brandi Beller T- shirt sales(complete)
4/24/2012$25,000.00Washington Warrior Football BoosterTo purchase Equipment for weight room (complete)
4/23/2012$200.00Ross Rodriquez(complete)
4/23/2012$1,008.00Wayne & Velena Rodriquez$56/month (complete)
4/23/2012$1,008.00Gary, Karisa, Mariah and Garrett Wilson$56/month Auto-draft (complete)
4/19/2012$1,008.00Macey and Madi Cargill$56/month (complete)
4/18/2012$2,000.00Wells Automotive $200 per month - Auto Draft (Complete)
4/17/2012$1,000.00Harold & JoAnn Hayes(complete)
4/13/2012$300.00Robi Craig, DDS(complete)
4/12/2012$1,000.00Harold & Shirley Harvell(complete)
4/12/2012$150.00David & Kelly Dunn(complete)
4/11/2012$78.33Cole Beller(complete)
4/11/2012$10,080.00Specialty Drilling Tools, Inc.$560/month (complete)
4/10/2012$1,056.00Brittani Lyles$56/month (complete)
4/10/2012$2,400.00Allstate Fitness$100/month (complete)
4/10/2012$190.00Robyne Cox - "Heartfelt" Scentsy Warmer - commission(complete)
4/5/2012$2,100.00Jackie & Caroyln Vaughn(complete)
4/2/2012$100.00Kay Woods(complete)
4/2/2012$150.00Chris Ellis(complete)
3/28/2012 Mainus GraniteWill donate/install all counter tops
3/28/2012$2,000.00Bruehl Oil Company(complete)
3/27/2012$50.00Vondale & Emmet Salem(complete)
3/26/2012$1,000.00Dawn Beller(complete)
3/26/2012$1,000.00Kent Smith(complete)
3/24/2012$100.00Jan J. Nelson(complete)
3/23/2012$1,008.00Casey & Mariah Schrader $56/month Auto-draft/18mnths (complete)
3/23/2012$1,000.00Larry & Jan Allison(complete)
3/22/2012$2,000.00Dr. & Mrs. Dayton Royse(complete)
3/22/2012$1,000.00Richard & Susan Tarp(complete)
3/21/2012$40.00Betty Crutchfield(complete)
3/19/2012 H & H PlumbingDonated Labor & Material for sewer/storm drains/water etc.
3/16/2012$2,004.00Steve and Debbie Vaughn$167/ month Auto-draft/12mths (complete)
3/15/2012$1,199.92John & Renae GreenAuto - Draft /18mths (complete)
3/15/2012$450.00Todd & Angie SteeleAuto-draft/18mths (complete)
3/15/2012$1,800.00Marc & Michelle BatesAuto-draft/18mths (complete)
3/13/2012$1,500.00Trent and Marcy Tarp (complete)
3/13/2012$800.00Dusty and Amber Andrews (complete)
3/13/2012$2,000.00Marcum Nursery(complete)
3/13/2012$1,000.00Mark & Marsha Sanders(completed)
3/13/2012$500.00Dale & Barbara Graham(complete)
3/12/2012$56.00Bryan & Brandy Howard(complete)
3/12/2012$1,000.00Donny & Cheryl Farrell$56/month (complete)
3/11/2012$1,150.00Coen & Susan Barnes(complete)
3/9/2012$1,000.00Neil & Melissa Mc Elderry(complete)
3/7/2012$1,900.00Kristy Hyde$100/month (complete)
3/7/2012$300.00Dylan Andrews(complete)
3/7/2012$1,000.00Scott & Nicole Campbell(complete)
3/6/2012$1,659.00Class of 1983(complete)
3/6/2012$1,008.00Stuart & Janet McPhersonmonthly/$56.00 Auto - Draft (complete)
3/6/2012$190.00Evan Hyde$10/month (complete)
3/6/2012$2,000.00Rob and Wendy Hyde(complete)
3/5/2012$50,500.00Robert & Dorothy Beller (complete)
3/4/2012$500.00Brad and Kami Beller(complete)
3/4/2012$6,000.00Ronnie & Kelli Beller(complete)
3/4/2012$50.00Brett Casey(complete)
3/4/2012$200.00Sherry Hendrix(complete)
3/4/2012$200.00Mary Hendrix(complete)
3/3/2012$18.00Mackenzie Merrell(complete)
3/2/2012$1,000.00Joe Lucas(complete)
3/1/2012$300.00Curtis & Carolyn Hyde(complete)
3/1/2012$500.00Carol Andrews(complete)
3/1/2012$193,212.97B & H Construction - employees193212.97
2/29/2012$1,000.00Jimmie Dawn Edwards and Family(complete)
2/29/2012$1,008.00Kevin and Lyndsey Hyde$56/month Auto Draft (complete)
2/29/2012$1,900.00Ron and Kathy Ladlee$100/monthly (complete)
2/29/2012$100.00Jerry Beller(complete)
2/28/2012$1,218.00Robyne and Larry Cox$56.00/monthly (complete)
2/28/2012$1,877.00Lawnie & Cindy Andrews(complete)
2/28/2012$2,100.00Donnie & Connie Beller(completed)
2/28/2012$15.00Tulsa Design Works(complete)
2/28/2012$100.00Brandi Denton(complete)
2/28/2012$100.00Robert Staples(complete)
2/27/2012$100.00Ronnie Beller(complete - acct opening)
 Total: $1,394,400.15  



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